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I everyone, I know it is strange to hear from me here.  I know some of you love me so much that you want to follow me everywhere I go, problem is I am not posting here.  I am posting on  without the wordpress attachment.  Yes it is a wordpress blog but it is a .org.  I am continuing to get likes and follows here, and though I am flattered, I would love if you would read my daily posts there for your laughs. You can subscribe by email or on my facebook fan page @


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Blogtoberfest: Becca’ Problems

Today, I am going to slowly be catching up my post from the week.  First today’s post…

Today is Saturday…so I forgot to be funny.  Here is a quick tidbit from the post.  Click the link or the picture to read more.

It’s Saturday again, so it is time for me to forget to be funny.  The problem is I dozed off and wrote a book. It was really good so my editors have been begging  me to publish it.  I don’t know, I don’t want E L James to feel bad.  To keep reading the rest of the post click here.

Blogtoberfest Catch Up

I have not been doing a great job of linking my posts on here the last few days.  Here is a catch up with links.

Sunday October 14th post:…hip-privileges/ ‎

Blogtoberfest: Relationship Privileges

Rule #2: Men are allowed to preempt household duties for one sports game a week. If he doesn’t like sports, then replace that with video games or Dungeons and Dragons. (LARP-ing excluded)…..Keep reading by clicking the link above.

10-13 post: 

Blogtoberfest: Dream

I was having a nice dream of a threesome in Vegas where I was out of my comfort zone.  Then suddenly I am shtuping poor Johnny…well trying to.

WTF Friday #9:

You don’t get a preview of that one you just have to read.

Or you can always just type in and read the last three you missed.

Becca-ism: Conflict management

Click the link or picture to read the entire post entry:

If a task isn’t done exactly they way you want it done, be sure to nag the person until you beat them down.  You don’t want them thinking for themselves and how they want things done.  It is about what you want.

Blogtoberfest: Ugly Cry  To read the entire post click the link or the picture.


Here is a snippet from the post:

She is blowing snot bubbles while trying to catch her breath.  Her entire being is surrounded by tissues.  Her eyes plead with you to help her, but you are paralyzed by the visceral memory of your childhood fear of clowns.